Hon. Mark R. Kennedy in IR class at Webster Vienna

On March 17th, Prof. Mark R Kennedy, Director of the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, visited Webster Vienna, Private University.

The former congressman and advisor to the US Trade Representative in both the Bush and Obama administrations, talked before students of Prof. Brutschin’s research methods class, giving first hand insight into US politics and how to make “democracy work.” He was welcomed by WUV Director Dr. Arthur Hirsh and IR faculty Dr. Samuel R. Schubert, a George Washington University alumnus himself.

In particular, Prof. Kennedy gave students four suggestions for their political career: First, be firmly anchored and know what you believe in. Second, be focused. It is impossible to vote for a politician with too many positions, as you will always have some stances that make you a bad choice in the voters’ perception. Third, build coalitions, no lone ranger will be elected. And finally, prioritize. Every political stance has its place - be it in the primaries, general election or to attract voters from other parties – and a politician must know which issues to bring up under which circumstances.

At the end of his lecture, Prof. Kennedy answered students’ questions about free trade, the political system and culture of the United States as well as the upcoming presidential election. To find out more about Prof. Kennedy and his work, visit the website of the Graduate School of Political Management.