FM4: Schubert on ISIS in Tikrit

In his latest interview for FM4 Reality Check, Prof. Schubert talked about the recent attempts by US and Iraqi forces to dislodge ISIS from the city of Tikrit.

He noted that despite the natural slowdown, efforts have been successful so far: “ISIS is losing this battle. Where they have been confronted with large organized force, they have retreated or been defeated”.

The situation for the Iraqi government, however, has become increasingly difficult, as it has to reconcile the often competing interests of Iran and the United States as well as its own Shia and Sunni population. Dr. Schubert: “The Sunnis just recently had supported ISIS, because they were fearful of Shia and Iranian domination, so if there weren’t serious concern this would be a disaster waiting to unfold.”

While pushing ISIS out of Tikrit is certainly crucial, the really big battle is likely to happen in Mosul, the stronghold of the terrorist organization. “The key factor for Mosul is going to be the Kurds. The Western military forces – whether it is the United States or anybody else - does not want to send anybody into Mosul”, Prof. Schubert explained.

Listen to the full broadcast online here (at 13:10).

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