FM4: Schubert on Houthi Rebels and Iranian Warships

As the fighting in Yemen continues with Saudi airstrikes and Houthi rebels try to take the port city of Aden, the crisis in the Middle East is deepening. On last Thursday’s FM4 Reality Check, Webster International Relations professor Dr. Schubert talked about Iranian warships in the Gulf of Aden. While the Iranian naval presence does not constitute significant military support for Houthi rebels or much of an escalation, Dr. Schubert pointed out that it nevertheless complicates the situation in a very crowded area of frequent US, Russian or Chinese naval maneuvers.

At the same time, Sunni forces in Yemen receive support from their Middle Eastern allies, Pakistan is even debating whether to send ground troops to support the Saudi offensive. “The Saudi-Pakistan relationship is long, deep and deeply economic”, Dr. Schubert explained. Also, Pakistan is deeply concerned about Iran and “nothing in the Middle East is truly internal or local at this point”. All in all, the rising conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen do not warrant much optimism about the future of the region.

Listen to the entire interview here (starting at 12:17)