Farewell Message from the Vienna Alumni Chapter President

Stefano Cantini picture

Dear Alumni and friends of the Vienna Chapter of the Webster University Alumni Association,

Our campus has celebrated 35 years in Vienna and although our numbers may have been modest at first, we have steadily grown and so has our Alumni community.
The university itself now plays a significant role in the higher education landscape in Austria and our 3,000 alumni are an integral part of what makes up the extended
Webster community, both in the academic and the business world. We are proud of our Alumni and their accomplishments and look forward to highlighting these even more.

Over the past twelve years, it has been my pleasure and honor to serve as the President of the Vienna Chapter of the Alumni Association. We have participated in a dozen
Alumni leader conferences, strengthening our ties to over 200,000 Alumni worldwide while expressing what makes us unique. We have organized eight symposia, a dozen
Alumni Cocktails, a ball, company visits, lectures, many social events and a successful mentoring program under the leadership of and in cooperation with the Career
Development Center.
We have made a difference and this would not have been possible without the active participation and support from so many of our Alumni in Vienna, but also the support from
St. Louis and the input from other chapters in the network. Thank you!

Thus, with very mixed emotions, I write to inform you that after 12 years, I will be stepping down.
On the one hand, I will miss the organization and the interaction with the alumni, while on the other hand, I go with the conviction that I leave the association in very good hands.
Franz Weber (MBA 1995) will be taking over as of February 1st, 2017. Franz has been an active participant in our events for many years now and has been dynamically involved
in several of the recent ones as well. Franz already has a plethora of ideas for the association and I am glad to see that what we have built over the past decades will only grow
stronger and more wide-ranging. Your continuous support, of course, will be very important.
I want to express my utmost gratitude for all your vigor, enthusiasm, and thoughts in support of our team,
With all the best,
Stefano Cantini
Vienna Chapter
Alumni Association