Dr. Punzi visits Malaysia to Launch Project with SEACEN Centre

Following the success of a 2017 research project (pictured above), Dr. Maria Teresa Punzi, Assistant Professor of Economics, was invited again to the SEACEN Centre in Malaysia to lead a new project. SEACEN is an international organization that provides courses and consulting for central banks in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Punzi is developing a project titled "The Distributional Impact of Monetary Policy in the SEACEN Member Economies." The extensive research project will require Dr. Punzi, who is the project leader, and her collaborators to coordinate information from 9 central banks in the region: Cambodia, India, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

“From this project, we aim to write a book with a case study for each individual country,” Dr. Punzi told us, adding that she is “looking forward to working with colleagues and fellow researchers from all of the countries represented.”

We wish her the best of luck with the project and look forward to reporting when the book is completed. Stay tuned for updates on Dr. Punzi’s project here on our website.

If you’re a current student and looking for an opportunity to work with Dr. Punzi on her other research into income and wealth inequality, you have until the end of July to apply for a training scholarship with her. Read more about it and apply by July 29th.