Dr. Pollak - Co-editor of newly published book "Representation"

Director of the Webster Vienna campus, Dr. Johannes Pollak, is co-editor of a recently published hardback book called Representation. This book is part of a series from the Library of Contemporary Essays in Governance and Political Theory. Subjects covered in this book include: European politics, political theory, public administration and management as well as public policy.

A brief description of the content of the book is as follows:

Just thirty years ago, it was widely believed that democracy had triumphed as the only legitimate form of political rule; and that representative democracy was, in turn, the only feasible form of democracy in modern mass societies. Yet, representative democracy is now thought to be in crisis. Populism is, above all, a crisis in representation. Populists question how far the views of the people can ever be authentically represented, least of all by ‘representatives’ made unrepresentative by the very fact of devoting their careers to representation.

Source: Routledge - Taylor and Francis Group

Lord, Christopher and Pollak, Johannes (eds.), Representation, Library of contemporary essays in governance and political theory, London and New York: Routledge 2017. Print.