Dr. Grischany Presents his New Book on Austrians in the Wehrmacht

On May 11, 2015, Prof. Thomas Grischany of the IR Department of Webster Vienna gave a standing room only presentation in the Atrium of Palais Wenkheim about his new book, “Der Ostmark treue Alpensöhne: Die Integration der Österreicher in die großdeutsche Wehrmacht, 1938-45.” The book is a condensed German language version of Prof. Grischany’s 2007 Dissertation at the University of Chicago, “The Austrians in the German Wehrmacht, 1938-45.”

Prior to the presentation, Academic Director of Webster Vienna, Prof. Regina Kecht, Head of the IR Dept.., Prof. Franco Algieri, and Dean of the University of Chicago, Prof. John Boyer, one of Grischany’s dissertation advisors, offered comments on both Prof. Grischany and his book.

After an enthralling presentation on his book, Prof. Grischany fielded numerous questions from audience members, including academics from the University of Vienna, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Webster Vienna, etc., highlighting the great interest in his provocative research and subject matter. The book is part of a series from the University of Vienna Press and is available for purchase online.