Dr. Chatziantoniou's Research Seminar

On October 4th, the business and management department invited students, staff, faculty, and other members of the Webster Vienna Private University community to the latest research seminar in an ongoing series.

Dr. Ioannis Chatziantoniou presented the theory, methods, data, unexpected difficulties, and findings of a study he conducted in tandem with Webster’s own Dr. Nikolaos Antonakakis and Mr. David Gabauer. He spoke at length about the study’s testing of a very popular concept associated with house prices in the United Kingdom. This concept, the ripple effect, assumes that house prices initially change in London and the South-East of the UK before radiating outward to the rest of the country. Dr. Chatziantoniou emphasized to students that while the initial data seemed to disprove the hypothesis, further study suggested that data revealed an even more interesting dynamic at play.

While presenting, he gave pointers and tips about navigating the research process – particularly about writing a literature review. Graduate business and management students are strongly encouraged to attend future research seminars. Future seminars will be announced on the events page of the Webster Vienna website.