Dr. Cede Published Book on Austrian Foreign Policy

Adjunct faculty member Ambassador Emer. Dr. Franz Cede and Christian Prosl published the English version of their book, Ambition and Reality: Austria’s Foreign Policy since 1945. The German version has been available since 2015.

The book offers crucial insights into Austria’s diplomatic goals and policy initiatives since the end of World War Two, which former EU Commissioner Franz Fischler notes in the book’s foreword had yet to be presented concisely.

Ambition and Reality begins by following Austria’s state-building process through the lens of its foreign policy and analyzing the reconstruction of the country’s Foreign Service. Dr. Cede continues by outlining Austria’s role in international events such as the Cold War, the Hungarian Crisis of 1956, and the Crisis in Czechoslovakia in 1968. It continues to describe and analyze Austria’s relationships with major powers like the United States, Germany, and the Russian Federation.

Ambassador Dr. Cede retired 2007 as an accomplished diplomat, having served as the ambassador to the Russian Federation from 1999 until 2003 and the ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and to NATO from 2003 until 2007. An expert on International Law, Dr. Cede is Professor Emeritus at the Andrassy University Budapest and teaches at Webster Vienna.

The English book can be found here, and the German version here.