Dr. Brutschin Published Book on EU Gas Security

Dr. Elina Brutschin of the International Relations Department published her book EU Gas Security Architecture - The Role of the Commission’s Entrepreneurship through Palgrave Macmillan in February 2017.

Her book explores the policies and proceedings of the European Commission from 1990 to 2016 in relation to the natural gas energy sector, giving readers an insight into how policies were formed and how others were abandoned. Dr. Brutschin writes that based on the activities in the liberalization and infrastructure sectors presented in the book, “the Commission was able to effectively utilize networked governance during times when the demand for coordinated energy policies was low.” The book also analyses the three energy packages that the EU has instituted, providing insights into how each has shaped the European energy sector into what it is today.

Students Dennis Heumann (BA ’16), Tobias Salfellner (BA ’16), and Kathryn Witkowski (MA ’17) assisted in different stages of the writing process. Copies of the book are can be purchased through Palgrave Macmillan’s website here.