Dr. Algieri analyzes China's Power in Militär Aktuell

How much power does China really have?

Dr. Franco Algieri (Webster Faculty)  analyzes the ability of China to project power in his article, "Wie Viel Macht Hat China Wirklich" for Militär Aktuell (4/2013), an Austrian military magazine.

The military budget of China is increasingly used to claim that China intends to play the role of a hegemon, Algieri notes, and hypothetical conflict scenarios with a highly armed People’s Republic have become a preoccupation for certain Asian states, as well as the EU and the USA.

However, he questions China’s capabilities.  He points out that there is reason to doubt that China will be a comprehensive regional or global military power. In particular, experts in the USA and Europe see weaknesses in China’s maritime capabilities for power projection.

In addition, he raises the question of who China will target as a potential threat:  its neighbors, Taiwan, or the USA?  Algieri  points out that there are doubts that China would ever accept the high costs of a military conflict; rather preferring to continue increasing economic interdependence that China shares with Asian states, the US and Europe.

In the Asia-Pacific region the US plays an important role in balancing the powers of the region.  Whether or not the EU will increase its security political relevance for China and the general region depends on how far the EU member states wish to develop European power projection capabilities.

The article is available for download here.  For more articles from Militär Aktuell, visit www.militaeraktuell.at.