Cooking Club Gets a Taste of Laos

Last Thursday, April 13th, Webster’s Cooking Club got a taste of Laos as Alum Ivee Sanasinh taught students how to prepare a traditional meal at the Webster Augarten Dorms.

Ivee Sanasinh completed his Bachelor's and Master's Degree at Webster Vienna. He was the former President of the Student Government Association in 2014 and is well known in the halls of Webster for his friendly demeanor and humor.

We sat down with Ivee to ask him about the Lao Cooking Night at the dorms.

How did you get involved with the cooking club?

Ilayda Edali, the cooking Club Organizer and Clubs Officer of the SGA , asked me to do a cooking workshop with the club - which I was ecstatic about.  It was another way for me to share my Lao culture and food to a whole new group of minds.

What did you prepare?

We made a Lao Red Curry with Coconut Milk and Rice Vermicelli soup garnished with various chopped vegetables. The savory, silky, and spicy soup paired with the cold noodles and vegetables gave it a balanced and delicious contrast.

How did the night turn out?

Although we had a rough start with getting all necessary pots and sharp knives, everything flowed smoothly once we began. The students were very open and willing to try anything, they were always positive and willing to learn. I also learned a lot from this experience, as it kept me on my toes when things didn’t go the way I planned it.  I now know how to adapt a meat dish into vegetarian-friendly one. There were a lot of happy faces after finishing their bowls and I would be more than happy to do another cooking night with the Cooking Club.

Media Student Frank Jensen documented the evening.

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Thank you to Ilayda Edali, Ivee Sanasinh, Frank Jensen, and the students who participated in the evening. This event was sponsored by the Student Government Association.