Congratulations to Dean's List Honorees!

In recognition of academic excellence, a Dean’s List is compiled each academic semester. To qualify, students must complete at least 12 credit hours at Webster University, of which no fewer than 6 credit hours must have regular letter grades. All enrolled coursework must be successfully completed, with no Incomplete or Withdrawn grades recorded. Qualified students who achieve a current semester GPA of 3.80 or higher will be placed on the Dean’s List for that semester.
The following 19 Webster Vienna undergraduate students were placed on the St. Louis Dean's List for the Spring 2013 Semester:

  • Alexandra Alt
  • Sven Babic                      
  • Raphael Rey Bacolod
  • Carolina Bianchi                
  • Elisabeth Dantendorfer          
  • Marcelo Nicolas Fernandez Sanchez
  • Alexandra Fomenko               
  • Philipp Freund                  
  • Karoline Gatter                 
  • Maltiza Ivelinova Ivanova       
  • Kristi Magllara                  
  • Rok Mesojedec                   
  • Kaylie Milek                    
  • Jennifer Lise Morris            
  • Andreas Neumayer                
  • Lisa Palme                      
  • Dominick Sorz                   
  • Lejda Toci                      
  • Sabine Weiss         

We congratulate all honorees and encourage you to continue your strive for excellence!