Brutschin, Schubert in EU-US Energy Law, Policy Reader

Dr. Elina Brutschin and Dr. Samuel R. Schubert, Webster Vienna International Relations research faculty, have published contributions in Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the EU and the US. A Reader, edited by R. J. Heffron and G. F. M. Little, Edinburgh University Press 2016.

The book gives a state-of-the-art overview on current scholarly analyses of the most relevant energy-related issues in the EU and the US. It contains 125 contributions from 147 energy experts on 674 pages, excluding the preface and references. In such a way it allows for a sharp, condensed, and overall insight in US and EU energy research.

Dr. Brutschin's contribution opens Part 3, "Energy Policy Delivery in the European Union" and is entitled "Delivering New Polity: Paving the Way for the European Energy Union", briefly discussing "the history of attempts to harmonize and Europeanize energy policies" and outlining how "the European Union could be delivered in each of the areas emphasized by the new European Commission" (p. 104).

Dr. Schubert, on the other hand, wrote the first chapter of part 15, "New Technologies and Energy Initiatives". The contribution under the title "Delivering New Energy Technologies: the Military as Consumer and Innovator" covers the role of the US military as example of how a powerful governmental institution affects innovation in the energy sector.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, please follow the link.

Assistant Professor Dr. Elina Brutschin works as research faculty of Webster Vienna. Her current projects include her newest book, to be published by Palgrave, "EU Gas Security Architecture. The Role of the Commission's Entrepreneurship" and an article together with Andreas Fleig (Heidelberg University), "Innovation in the Energy Sector - The Role of Fossil Fuels and Developing Economies". An expert in EU energy security, Eastern European studies and quantitative methods, Dr. Brutschin teaches courses in these areas on both undergraduate and graduate level.

Assistant Professor Dr. Samuel R. Schubert (Webster Vienna Research Faculty) has recently published the book "Energy Policies of the European Union" (Palgrave, together with J. Pollak and M. Kreutler). Besides his research focus on energy security, Dr. Schubert works, writes and teaches in the fields of Middle East Area Studies, terrorism, US foreign policy and comparative foreign policy. Dr. Schubert has been a frequent guest on various radio and TV stations, such as BBC Arabic, ORF television, FM4, and PULS 4. His analyses are also regularly published in various newspapers, such as Der Standard or Die Salzburger Nachrichten.

Together, they recently published "Hot Tempers, and High Stakes: Geopolitics and Geoeconomics of the Arctic" in the June edition of the renown peer-reviewed journal Energy Research & Social Science (ERSS).