Brutschin, Fleig Published in "Energy Policy"

Dr. Elina Brutschin and Dr. Andreas Fleig published their article “Innovation in the energy sector – The role of fossil fuels and developing economies” in the peer-reviewed journal Energy Policy, which is considered one of the top journals in the field. The study is among the first attempts to include data on non-OECD members in a quantitative analysis of innovation efforts in the energy sector.

The scholars find that R&D expenditures as well as GDP have positive effects on the number of energy related patent grants, while fossil rents are associated with lower patent activity. The study thus further contributes to research on the possible negative effects of resource abundance.

Dr. Fleig was a visiting scholar at Webster Vienna Private University in Spring II term, 2015, and taught a class on Game Theory. When working on the article, Dr. Fleig and Dr. Brutschin could rely on the IR student assistant Tobias Salfellner, who provided important support with data collection.

Dr. Fleig, who currently works at Heidelberg University, and Dr. Brutschin continue to work together on a related project, which Dr. Brutschin recently presented at the International Studies Association (ISA) conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Their newest project looks into political motivations behind investments in energy security.

The published article can be fully accessed here until September 4, 2016. After that date, students can access the article through Webster library or request a copy by sending an email to Dr. Brutschin.

Assistant Professor Dr. Elina Brutschin works as research faculty of Webster Vienna. Her current projects include her newest book, to be published by Palgrave, "EU Gas Security Architecture. The Role of the Commission's Entrepreneurship". An expert in EU energy security, Eastern European studies and quantitative methods, Dr. Brutschin teaches courses in these areas on both undergraduate and graduate level.