Brutschin-Fleig Article Highlighted in “Nature Energy”

Nature Energy has featured recent work by Dr. Brutschin and Dr. Fleig (Heidelberg University) as research highlight. Nature Energy is a "Nature"-branded journal and aims to publish best research from across the field of energy.

In the September edition of Nature Energy, one of the senior editors, Alessandro Rubino, briefly summarizes the findings of the article “Innovation in the Energy Sector – The Role of Fossil Fuels” that Dr. Brutschin and Dr. Fleig recently published in Energy Policy (Energy Policy 97, 27-38) and points out the major contributions of the study:

“The study highlights the rising weight of emerging economies in R&D in the energy sector. […] It also improves our understanding of the uncertain, nonlinear effects that commodity prices might have on energy innovation.”

Dr. Fleig was a visiting scholar at Webster Vienna in Spring 2, 2015. Assistant Professor Dr. Elina Brutschin works as research faculty of Webster Vienna. Her current projects include her newest book, to be published by Palgrave, "EU Gas Security Architecture. The Role of the Commission's Entrepreneurship". The book can be pre-ordered here.