Bob Dotson, NBC News National Correspondent, visits Webster Vienna

In April we had the honor of welcoming Bob Dotson, NBC News National Correspondent, New York Times Best Selling Author and one of America’s best-known media professionals for a workshop and a guest lecture.

On April the 13th the Forum Journalismus und Medien (fjum) in cooperation with the Webster's Media Department organized a workshop titled "Creating Effective Storytelling in the Age of Twitter." The workshop was limited to 15 people and quickly booked out, however, on the 14th a wider audience had the chance to attend Bob Dotson's inspiring guest lecture, "Behind the Media Mirror, What the News is Missing."

“With the numerous examples that he shared, he inspired current media students to continue their studies and fulfill their potential as journalists. He peppered his talk with useful advice, for instance, tips on how to do successful interviews. He explained that every answer has three parts. First, the interviewees say what they think is expected of them. Afterwards they explain their answer. Then – awkward silence. Both parties feel an urge to fill the silence. The trick is to wait and let the interviewee keep talking. Chances are, that is when they will share the truly interesting part of their story.”

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