The Bloomberg Aptitude Test

Take it! - here on campus

The Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) is a standardized online test that assesses a student’s aptitude for a career in finance and business. The main purpose of the test is to help students define themselves as potential candidates to employers in the finance industry. The BAT features multiple choice questions across varying subject areas and is designed to put students in contact with real-world challenges and scenarios that would be encountered in the work place – it is geared to test “how a student thinks” rather “learned knowledge”. The BAT evaluates an individual’s abilities on an anonymous basis and provides feedback in a way that highlights areas of strength and weakness as compared to other students globally and to peers. This feedback is valuable to be used in interviews and on CVs. The feedback also provides students insight into where they stand compared to the global talent pool against which they are competing for jobs.

Taking the BAT is a great opportunity to evaluate your skills, enhance your CV and differentiate yourself from other candidates in interviews.

If you are planning in pursuing a career in financial services, use this great chance to improve your skills and enhance your career opportunities!

Webster University Vienna will host the BAT on campus FREE OF CHARGE for students
Date: April 26, 2013 & December 13, 2013
Register via (spaces are limited!)