Atomic Bomb Survivor Visits Webster Vienna on International Day of Peace

On September 21st, 2016 Webster Vienna had the distinct honor of having Reiko Yamada, survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945, visit our campus. Despite the many hardships Reiko has had to endure after the bombing, her message is one of peace, love, forgiveness and a call to the youth of today to be aware of the dangers that lie in nuclear proliferation and war.

Reiko's visit was well received. Our atrium was full of students, parents, faculty and staff who came on the International Day of Peace to listen to Reiko's message. The night began with a few words of welcome from our Director, Dr. Johannes Pollak followed by Reiko telling the audience her story in her native language, Japanese. The story was then read aloud in English by Webster Vienna's Katy Witkowski (MA in International Relations). Ms.  Heather Wokusch, an international educator  with 30 years of teaching experience who has taught and spoken about nuclear disarmament extensively, shed some light on the cost of nuclear weapons and war and the implication such elements have on our future. Reiko’s official translator for the night was Yuko Gulda.

The audience was then encouraged to ask Reiko questions and even had the opportunity to meet Reiko and take pictures with her. Many thanks to Mrs. Yamada, Ms. Wokusch and Ms. Gulda for taking part in this special Event.