Alumni Spotlight: Barbara Kargl - a Tale of Entrepreneurship, Family and Commitment

Alumni Spotlight: Barbara Kargl - a Tale of Entrepreneurship, Family and Commitment

Join us in exploring the exciting journey of one of our dedicated alumna, Barbara Kargl: an entrepreneur, a business woman, and an accomplished mother. Barbara  graduated from Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU) in 1996 with a Bachelor in Management and International Relations.Barbara kindly welcomed the Alumni team of the Webster Student Resource Center in March this year, which gave us the opportunity to gain an insight into her work and for her to share her Webster experience with us.

When Barbara began her studies at WVPU, she was already involved in her family’s long-standing vegetable business, Schneider’s Gemüseland. Looking back, she finds multiple reasons why WVPU was the most suitable choice for her: it was convenient to work during the day and study in the evenings, there was a scholarship provided, the multiculturalism of the campus allowed her to “go abroad” without having to leave Vienna and, to Barbara, the small class size is what made the ultimate difference.

The ”Webster flow” is the one key expression that she uses to describe the WVPU community. To Barbara, this all-encompassing formulation refers on one hand to the hard-working individuals which make up the community, and on the other hand to the magic of how this community manages to connect the dots. In this regard, she mentioned how last December’s WebTalks provided her with the opportunity to meet her former professor and now Academy Award-winning screenwriter and producer for film and television, Charles Randolph, and how she was amazed that he still remembered her after so many years. The same “Webster flow” was present in the story of the renovation of her house and how she found the right team for this while discussing the renovation with a former colleague at a WVPU networking event.

Many of her university projects were practically applied within the business that she was then involved in and which she leads to this day. Schneider’s Gemüseland, founded in 1976 in Groß-Enzersdorf, Lower Austria, produces and sells fresh and frozen vegetables. 30% of their production is directed at the Austrian market, while the rest is exported regionally. The vegetables are produced not only in an environmentally-friendly manner, but also using state-of-the-art technology: a 12-floor, fully automated refrigerated warehouse maintains a constant temperature of -20 degrees Celsius.
When Barbara talks about her business, she brings across the feeling of a highly professional and well-established business with a familial soul. The cozy family-like atmosphere was enhanced for us by the fact that Barbara’s 17-month-old old daughter, her third child, cheered up the atmosphere of our meeting.

Thanks to Barabara’s kindness and commitment to WVPU, one of our most recent events, WebTalks, was beautifully adorned with flowers provided by her. Furthermore, we are happy and grateful that our next big event, the Alumni Cocktail coming up on the 5th of May, will also be decorated with flowers and provided with fruit through Barbara´s sponsorship.

We were inspired by Barbara’s positive attitude, determination and strength to succeed simultaneously on multiple levels: in her studies, her work, and her family life. This story highlights once again the diversity of the Webster alumni community and the uniqueness of each person´s professional and life paths. Hearing this story has made us eager to discover and bring you more of them!
Should you want to get in touch with Barbara, her e-mail address is, or you can meet her and many others at the Alumni Cocktail on the 5th of May. If you are a WVPU alumnus/alumna and you would like to share your own story or the story of one of your fellow alumni, please reach out to us at We would be happy to hear from you.