All eyes on Maryam Yeganehfar

For this week’s Alumni Spotlight, we are excited to share the story of Webster University graduate and entrepreneur, Maryam Yeganehfar. Maryam, class of 2000 with a BA in Management with an Emphasis in Marketing, runs and manages her own event production company, yamyam event production, which is located only a few minutes away from the Webster Private University Campus. Her company organizes many eclectic and unique events. Recently, she has organized events for companies like Erste Bank, as well as her own events such as the shopping event, Evening of Dinky Delights which was held at the Yamyam Event Production office.

Carna (Alumni Officer): How did you come to study at Webster?
Maryam: I always wanted to study at an American university and live in the US. A former university teacher at the university of Vienna recommended Webster University as a stepping stone and that is when I decided to do my bachelor degree in Vienna at Webster
Carna (Alumni Officer): What did you like about studying at Webster?
Maryam: I loved the small classes and the attention that we got from our professors. The international surrounding was very inspiring.
Carna (Alumni Officer): How did your career develop later on?
Maryam: After I graduated I moved to Los Angeles and worked at William Morris, a talent and literary agency. I worked there for two years and had to leave the country after September eleven. Back in Vienna I started working in the event industry and developed my passion for producing international events.
Carna (Alumni Officer): Did you stay friends with a lot of your old class mates?
Maryam: Yes, I tried to stay in touch with as many people as possible. Just now I am expecting one of my friends from Webster, Gareth Lewis, to come and visit my office as he is in Vienna.
Carna (Alumni Officer): What would you like to see the alumni office do in order to help you connect to other Webster Alumni?
Maryam: I would love to see the people from the class of 2000 again.
Carna: How would you describe your time at Webster?
Maryam: The time I spent at Webster was the stepping stone to many things that I achieved in my career. The classes I took at Webster helped me explore different creative and business oriented worlds thus receiving a solid and profound education. I really appreciated the small class sizes and the attention the professors were able to give to us students. Most professors came from the ‘real world’ and taught us their first hand experiences and allowed us to see how the business world functions. I have been teaching myself for several years now and not just once did I think back to my time at university and to the personal teaching style practiced by our professors. I am trying to give back to my students now what I received at Webster.

Thank you Maryam for your time, and we look forward to coordinating some fantastic events with you in the future!
To check out the amazing work of Maryam and her team, you can visit her website, or follow her on facebook @yamyameventproduction. The yamyam event production office is located at Hollandstrasse 9/13, 1020, Vienna.