Algieri Offers Insights Into Upcoming Bates Gill Lecture

Dr. Franco Algieri, Department Head of International Relations at Webster Vienna and expert on EU-Asia relations, answers questions regarding the lecture of Bates Gill on Apr. 27, 5:30pm at Webster.

Who is Dr. Bates Gill, and what will he be talking about at his public lecture on April 27?

Dr Bates Gill is Professor of Asia Pacific Strategic Studies with the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Australian National University.  He is one of the leading and internationally renowned experts on China. He was formerly the Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and has held senior positions at the Brookings Institution and the Center for Strategic Studies in Washington.

What makes Dr. Gill’s lecture at Webster Vienna Private University special?

Be it China’s economic power, security political developments in Asia in other regions of the world or issues of global governance, international relations are heavily influenced by the role China’s plays. It is a most timely lecture, which will help to better understand China.

Will Dr. Gill provide his insights into US-China relations in other forums while he is in Vienna?

The public lecture will be prior to an expert conference, which will be held on Friday. On the invitation of the International Relations Department, scholars and practitioners from Europe, Asia and the USA will analyze EU-Asia relations in a transatlantic context. 

What will come out of the expert conference, “The European Union’s Asia Policy in a Transatlantic Context”?

I expect a very comprehensive result of the conference. Not just as concerns the European position but also Asian and American perspectives. The conference is kicking off the IR Department’s research focus on Europe-Asia relations. Consequently, in the future there will be more research and teaching on that topic at the IR Department.

Why should students and practitioners pay attention to the European Union’s Asia policy now more than ever?

Even though the USA is, due to its military role, clearly the most important non-Asian actor in the Asia-Pacific region, the EU has developed a strong Asia policy over the last decades and became for many Asian countries the most important trading partner. Because of the high interdependence between both regions, developments in Asia matter tremendously for Europe. Therefore, not paying enough attention to Asia would be dangerous for the EU.


If you still want to register for the Apr. 27 talk with Bates Gill, please register your attendance here.