Anton Chirkovski, BBA

Senior Portfolio Manager, Kommunalkredit Austria
Owner, BFE Group
BBA '03 Business Administration

"Immediately after my graduation I delved into my job at Erste Bank. I finished my trainee program in the treasury department there but due to prevailing economic situation I focused on the group controlling department., where I spent several years dealing with controlling of costs and international investment projects. Despite the great time at Erste Bank, I never lost fascination of financial markets and so by end of 2006 I decided to change my work and refocus at investment banking - this time in Kommunalkredit Austria, where I was responsible for investing bank’s own funds in emerging markets around the globe. There I witnessed the last months of a global financial joyride before I got to know the dark side of the financial markets – the crisis.
Coincidentally, during the heat of the crisis in 2008, I was finishing my Master degree, and decided to use the opportunity to research the consequences of the global crisis for Russian financial markets. At the end, I wrote a book on that topic, which was published in 2010. In January 2010 my son Alexander was born, and this is the highlight of the year so far. Currently, in addition to my position at Kommunalkredit Austria, I am involved in developing the family enterprise BFE Group in the Russian energy sector together with my wife Sonja."