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  • Marlon Jünemann being interviewed by media

    Marlon Jünemann

    Managing and Founding Partner
    ILIA Corporation
    BA' 08 Business Administration

    "It has been several years since I attended Webster University Vienna, but I still like to think back to that special time and the many wonderful experiences with a smile on my face. I met my business partner S. Hossein Nabavi at Webster in 2005 and we have been best friends (as well as business partners later on) ever since. Webster University Vienna believed in us by acting as a business incubator and gave us the opportunity to walk our first entrepreneurial steps. The network that was at our disposal through Webster was vast – our first major project with General Motors Aspern was acquired with the kind support of the University, and gave us the chance to prove ourselves, as well as it ignited the confidence necessary to relentlessly pursue our vision. The exposure to the multicultural student body (as peers as well as co-workers in our company) enhanced our global thinking mindset, and the frequent interactions with our professors provided us with expert knowledge. We see ourselves as global citizens, and have deeply embedded that paradigm in our company culture. Still today our company values are rooted in the fundamentals that were partly acquired at Webster University, and we are very thankful for that! Vision, confidence, hard work, perseverance, patience, and cultural understanding did the rest – turning the University start-up into an international management consulting boutique firm that advises international clients on their market entry strategy for the Middle East and China."

  • Vladimir Ivkovic professional headshot

    Dr. Vladimir Ivkovic, PhD

    Research Fellow at Neural Systems Group, Department of Psychiatry
    Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA)
    BA '99 Psychology magna cum laude (philosophy minor)

    My undergraduate studies in psychology and philosophy at Webster University in Vienna formed a strong foundation for my graduate and postgraduate work in neuroscience and space life sciences. I have always been interested in how the human brain evolved and how it adapts to new, sometimes extreme environments. I have also always been fascinated by spaceflight, and needless to say wanted to be an astronaut for as long as I can remember. As I started my studies at Webster Vienna, I learned that one of the most accomplished NASA astronauts – Col. Eileen Collins – is a Webster University graduate (MA ’89)! Eileen’s life and career – completing multiple science degrees, flying four missions on the Space Shuttle, and being the first female Shuttle mission commander – not only inspired me, but proved to be a great testament to Webster’s educational paradigm. During my time in Vienna, I was honored to be taught and mentored by some of the best educators in psychology and philosophy such as Dr. Deborah Bock, Dr. Stefan Geyerhofer, Dr. Thomas Oberlechner, and Mr. Charles Randolph. The high academic standards demanded by my mentors, as well as the interdisciplinary and international nature of Webster faculty and students, prepared me well for a research internship in neuroscience at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Urban Ethology (University of Vienna). There, I worked with Prof. Karl Grammer on evolutionary basis of nonverbal communication through movement and scent.     

    The academic foundation and research experience I gained at Webster, enabled me to pursue MSc. degrees in biology (University of Zagreb) and space life sciences (International Space University / NASA Johnson Space Center), and a PhD in neuroscience at the University of Houston. Since 2012, I have been working as a postdoctoral researcher in Neural Systems Group at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Here, with funding from NASA and National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) I work with Dr. Gary Strangman on understanding how human brain changes during spaceflight and exposure to extreme Earth environments (e.g. submarines, polar outposts, extreme sports). We are beginning to understand mechanisms of brain function under extreme environmental stressors and are using that knowledge for prevention, detection and treatment of neurologic and psychiatric disorders in the general population on Earth. While I always hoped Webster would be my first stop on an improbable journey to space, I hardly imagined it would be such a prominent constant in life. I am reminded daily that without Webster education, I would probably not be doing the science that I always wanted to do.   


  • Maryam Yeganehfar professional headshot

    Maryam Yeganehfar, BA

    yamyam event production
    BA '00 Management with an emphasis in Marketing


    The time I spent at Webster was the stepping stone to many things that I achieved in my career. The classes I took at Webster helped me to explore different creative and business oriented worlds thus receiving a solid and profound education. I really appreciated the small class sizes and the attention the professors were able to give to us students. Most professors came from the ‘real world’ and taught us their first hand experiences and allowed us to see how the business world truly functions. I have been teaching myself for several years now and not just once did I think back to my time at university and to the personal teaching style practiced by our professors. I am trying to give back to my students now what I received at Webster.

    Photo by Teresa Marenzi (Iconoclash Photography)

  • Hannah Urbanek professional headshot

    Hannah Urbanek, BA

    Product Management & Marketing Specialist
    Mitac Europe, Healthcare Division– United Kingdom.
    BA '14 Management with emphasis in Marketing, Minor in Media Communications and a Certificate in Leadership

    Shortly after starting my BA degree at Webster University Vienna, I was fortunate enough to not only attend classes but to also work in the Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing department for the majority of my first year. I then moved on to work with the Communications team at Siemens Austria. Not only has Webster University’s system enabled me to complete my degree and work at the same time, but it has also prepared me for the working world and has helped me grow my professional network.
    Webster University Vienna has also helped me discover my strengths, weaknesses and interests which is crucial when starting off one’s career after graduation. I felt more than ready to step into the “real world” after graduation. Shortly after graduating, I accepted an offer to start working as an Account Executive with an advertising agency in Manchester, United Kingdom. After working there for 6 months, I am now the new Product Management & Marketing Specialist for Mitac Europe’s Healthcare Division, right outside of Brighton, United Kingdom. I love looking back at my time at Webster University Vienna, including my semester abroad in London, and am very thankful for all the memories and lifelong friendships I have been able to make while completing my BA degree there.


  • Kelly Underwood professional headshot

    Kelly Underwood

    Instructional Assistant
    American International School
    MA '15 Psychology and Human Resource Management

    Studying at Webster University provided endless opportunities that gave me a chance to use my creativity and transform ideas into action. During my studies, I was given the opportunity to help develop and establish the Student Counseling Center, and through an internship at the American International School, I was able to obtain the job I currently hold as an assistant for students with learning disabilities. Webster University helped me develop the necessary skills that have served my academic and occupational success.


  • Martin Spatz professional headshot

    Martin Spatz

    General Manager
    MBA ‘03

    “I have a PhD in Biotechnology and was employed in R&D at a pharmaceutical company when I enrolled in Webster’s MBA Program. Webster attracted me due to its dual Austrian and American accreditation along with the American style of MBA curriculum and international faculty. With its flexible class scheduling I could successfully coordinate work and family life with study. Coming from a scientific/technological background, Webster provided me with totally new insights that have changed my life. Having both an economic and scientific education has given me an enormous advantage in today’s professional world. Webster’s MBA developed me personally by assisting me to be a more open-minded and liberal person, I still reap enormous benefits from my MBA in my current position.”


  • Tolga Yazici professional headshot

    Tolga Yazıcı

    Board of Trustees President
    Plato Education Group
    BA '94 Management

    “As a Webster graduate, I started life one step ahead. From Webster I have gained everything that the global world required from me as multi-culturalism, diversity, hybridism and speed. At Webster It was highlighted that studying is not just the subjects within a model and the memorization, but it is proceeding to learn and also it’s the effort and enthusiasm that  you place on the areas that you are good at and like doing.”


  • Marion Demmer professional headshot

    Mag. Marion Demmer, MA, MA, BA

    Viennese Law Firm
    MA '05 International Relations / MA '06 Marketing

    I graduated with a master degree in International Relations in 2005 and a master degree in Marketing in 2006 from Webster University. The time I spent at Webster Vienna and Cha-am (Thailand) formed a strong foundation for my career as well as personal development. The classes I took at Webster supported me in gaining insights in international political events and business oriented worlds, thus receiving a profound education and hands-on experience. I especially appreciated my international class mates and the attention the professors were able to give to us students due to the small class sizes. Most of the professors came from the “working world” and taught us real live experiences, this was indeed very enriching.
    After graduation I worked several years for different international organizations including IAEA, IOM, OSCE, UNIDO and UNODC as Associate Programme Officer and Consultant in Vienna (Austria) and Darfur (Sudan). In 2008, I decided to study law beside my full-time job and this led me to my current job as Associate at a Viennese law firm.
    Not only has Webster University opened the door to a worldwide network of campuses but it also laid the foundation for a career life with plenty of opportunities.


  • Dr. Diana Bank Guzmán, MA, MBA professional headshot

    Dr. Diana Bank Guzmán, MA, MBA

    Full-time professor at the Department of International Business
    Unversidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico
    MA '89 International Relations

    "I came to Vienna and studied at Webster for 18 months from 1987 to 1988. By that time, I was hooked on Vienna and on international relations. The people I met at Webster, the professors I had and Austria made me want to know and study even more. I continued my studies first at the “Diplomatische Akademie” also in Vienna, before going back to the US to work at the US Congress and at the Mexican Embassy in Washington DC, doing lobbying for the NAFTA negotiations. With this in hand, I moved to New York to do an MBA and to Israel for a PhD in international business, which seemed to complement my previous studies. Since then, I have been teaching at various institutions, but decided on settling (at least for now) in Puebla, Mexico, where I teach international relations and affairs, as well as marketing.

    My time in Vienna and at Webster were the most important years in my formation as a professional. Webster Vienna opened doors for me, I could not think possible, and opened my eyes to the real world and made me appreciate the limitless possibilities I had been offered. Since then, I “preach” higher education, travel, languages and a definite stop in Vienna, if only for a visit."

  • Selmin Birsel professional headshot

    Selmin Birsel, BA

    Revenue Management at & Area Revenue Manager, CEE
    InterContinental Wien & InterContinental Hotels & Resorts
    BA '91 Management/Marketing

    "Webster University was the perfect combination for me. It provided me with strong fundamentals for my career. I had the opportunity to study in an American educational system and at the same time learn a second foreign language, German. In my last semester I completed a four month voluntary internship in a 5* hotel in cooperation with Webster University. Due to Vienna’s central location and good accessibility I also had the opportunity to travel to other European cities at that time.
    Since 1991, I have held various operational positions in Front Office, Banquets & Catering and moved up the ladder in Sales & Marketing, holding positions from Sales Manager to Director of Sales & Marketing. Currently I am responsible for Revenue Management at InterContinental Wien (responsibilities cover Pricing, Positioning, Strategically Planning, Budgeting, and forecasting). Additionally I act as Area Revenue Manager, Central Eastern Europe for InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, the luxury brand of IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) which is the largest hotel chain by number of rooms; supporting hotels in Budapest, Prague, Bucharest, Tashkent, Tel Aviv, Astana and Almaty."

  • Mag. Nassif Andre Chehab, MA professional headshot

    Mag. Nassif Andre Chehab, MA

    Deputy General Manager - Head of Institutional Banking
    National Bank of Kuwait
    MA '86 Economics/Finance

    "The availability of professors with the necessary qualifications, flexibility in the course timing and assistance when needed were paramount requirements for me. Webster covered all my requirements and gave me the necessary tools to further my career. Much of my success is attributed to my education, degrees and having been exposed to different cultures and languages Even now after 21 years from my graduation, I am proud to say I am a graduate of Webster Vienna."

  • Anton Chirkovski professional headshot

    Anton Chirkovski, BBA

    Senior Portfolio Manager, Kommunalkredit Austria
    Owner, BFE Group
    BBA '03 Business Administration

    "Immediately after my graduation I delved into my job at Erste Bank. I finished my trainee program in the treasury department there but due to prevailing economic situation I focused on the group controlling department., where I spent several years dealing with controlling of costs and international investment projects. Despite the great time at Erste Bank, I never lost fascination of financial markets and so by end of 2006 I decided to change my work and refocus at investment banking - this time in Kommunalkredit Austria, where I was responsible for investing bank’s own funds in emerging markets around the globe. There I witnessed the last months of a global financial joyride before I got to know the dark side of the financial markets – the crisis.
    Coincidentally, during the heat of the crisis in 2008, I was finishing my Master degree, and decided to use the opportunity to research the consequences of the global crisis for Russian financial markets. At the end, I wrote a book on that topic, which was published in 2010. In January 2010 my son Alexander was born, and this is the highlight of the year so far. Currently, in addition to my position at Kommunalkredit Austria, I am involved in developing the family enterprise BFE Group in the Russian energy sector together with my wife Sonja."

  • Stefka Christodulova professional headshot

    Stefka Christodulova, MA

    Group HR Development & Recruiting
    Erste Group Bank AG
    MA '02 Marketing

    "Coming from Bulgaria and having an American education with experience in American and international companies gave me a profile that greatly fit into the fast growing and internationally expanding Erste Bank - one of the leading financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe. I started working there five years ago in the CEE Coordination department of the Strategic Group Development Division dealing with mergers and acquisitions in CEE. I then moved to the Group HR Development and Recruiting where I mainly work with strategic alignment of HR Development activities like leadership development and talent management across Erste Bank Group. Like many international companies in the region, Erste Bank went through a dramatic growth process from a very small local company to a big regional player. This creates an environment of constant change.

    My international education in the U.S. and at Webster Vienna helps me enormously to deal successfully with these challenges and to build continuously on my international career."

  • Dr. Peter Harold professional headshot

    Dr. Peter Harold, MBA

    CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Hypo Noe Group
    MBA '86

    "When I chose Webster University, I had just finished my studies at the Vienna School of Economics and realized that I wanted more of an international focus, a global perspective. My Webster MBA has helped me to interact with other nationalities and cultures, which is really important in your business life later on. By changing my mindset, the MBA has enabled me to work internationally, which is something I had always dreamed about. My international career path and background have also helped me to reach a CEO position.
    The general MBA gives you a good foundation basis for overall business activities. At the same time, it is crucial to know what you want to do after graduation. Nowadays the MBA has become a degree obtainable from a number of universities so students should pay special attention to the quality of the institution they apply to. In that respect, students who want a unique international setup and hands-on experience will find Webster to be just the right place for their studies."

  • Ana Hrastovic professional headshot

    Ana Hrastovic-Kotrnec, BA

    Minister of Finance in charge of international relations, Croatia
    BA '05 Business/Business Administration

    "I was enriched by the interaction with international professors and colleagues at Webster. Despite my original intention to work in private sector, the internship program at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) opened up a new world of international governmental organization to me, and actually changed my future. I returned to Croatia and joined the International Department of the Ministry of Finance. I soon received an opportunity to participate in challenging projects.

    My professional achievements brought me to Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government. Webster opened up the door to me, and my story is a confirmation that if you work hard, in a transparent manner and with respect for people, you can achieve any goal you wish to."

  • Anastasia Ioannidis professional headshot

    Anastasia Ioannidis, BA

    AOTE "Ambassador of the Environment"
    Educational Consultant
    BA '83 History/Political Science

    "I have been growing up in different countries, and when looking for a university my choice fell on Webster. An American University in Austria was a real opportunity for me, to live in the heart of Europe and to profit from the Old and the New World at the same time. Webster’s rich academic program and highly qualified and devoted instructors have helped me discover and developed my skills within the educational field."

  • Jaihong Juhn

    Jaihong Juhn, BA

    Film Director
    BA '04 Management/Marketing

    Jaihong returned to New York after finishing his degree at Webster Vienna to pursue his passion of movie making at the New York Film Academy. He produced his first short film ‘Colors’ bringing together two different cultures, the Austrian and the New York cultures. He collected the footage about the Austrian culture during his studies at Webster. ‘Colors’ was an official selection of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival 2005 and was also shown at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Here he met famous Korean writer, director and producer Ki-duk Kim after which he returned to his birth place in Korea to work as his assistant director.

    Juhn’s first feature film called ARUMDABDA (BEAUTIFUL) opened at the Berlin Film Festival, the Berlinale 08, with rave reviews. BEAUTIFUL is the story of a beautiful woman who is cursed with great beauty. Wherever she goes, she gets unwanted admiration from men and jealousy from women which results in her hatred of her appearance and her determination to destroy it.

  • Brigitte Lintner, MBA professional headshot

    Brigitte Lintner, MBA

    Risk Management Support and Internal Coach
    Ceska Sporitelna a.s., Prague
    MBA '97

    "I was offered a scholarship for an MBA program at Webster while I was working in a commercial center of ERSTE Bank in Vienna – thus was able to combine work and studies – an arrangement which proved to be extremely valuable and fruitful – especially in respect to bringing in first hand experiences from day to day work. Apart from learning a lot about Business, Finance and Economics, additional value came from studying with a very diverse and international student body , from inspiring work with lecturers who all had “real life experience” (after all these years I am still in touch with some of them), from numerous group projects and a study trip to South Africa soon after the political scene had changed. While I was still working on my MBA I was offered a position in a different department of the bank, starting to set up a process for financial analysis of international clients – thus making use of my Business skills and experience of Webster.

    Not too long after graduation I moved to Prague, Czech Republic – again with ERSTE Bank/group, where I first worked in the local branch of ERSTE Bank Czech Republic and a year later was part of the team that lead the bank into the merger with Ceska Sporitelna and then consequently transformed this Czech savings Bank. I am now working for the bank’s Chief Risk Officer - coordinating the division’s activities in both strategic and operational issues, including training and development for and coaching of our staff. Having studied at Webster has not only provided the necessary Business understanding but also has tremendously helped to work in an international environment, to become more aware of cultural differences , to leverage them and enjoy the challenge of a diverse work environment."

  • Jubilee Jenna Mandl professional headshot

    Jubilee Jenna Mandl-Daroczy, MBA

    Cluster Director of Business Development
    Hilton Hotel Frankfurt
    MBA '07

    In today's world, everything is evolving at a fast pace, making adaptability a key skill in life and business. Webster Vienna has given me the basic ingredients to understand the importance of change, contributing to my successful career as a Cluster Director of Business Development at Hilton.

  • Mag. Stephan Maxonus professional headshot

    Mag. Stephan Maxonus, MBA

    Director for private and institutional investors
    MBA '05

    "I always wanted to experience a truly American education. Webster University offered me the great chance to do this here in Vienna. I completed my MBA while I was working full time at Westdeutsche Landesbank (WestLB) as Head of Office of the former Federal Chancellor of Austria, Dr. Franz Vranitzky. I have been able to apply some of the knowledge from the coursework directly to my job at the bank, and benefited a lot from the international environment at Webster Vienna."

  • Gernot Mittendorfer professional headshot

    Mag. Gernot Mittendorfer, MBA

    Member of the Board of Directors and CFO
    Erste Group Bank AG
    MBA '96

    "I studied at Webster University while at the same time working in a Commercial Center of ERSTE BANK – thus was able to contribute my know how in the class room as well as use newly acquired knowledge in my day to day work. Having studied in an international environment, both faculty as well as fellow students, was a valuable experience and proved even more precious once I started to move within ERSTE BANK group where I constantly am exposed to working with colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds. After graduation I have held a variety of positions within ERSTE BANK Group. These include heading several business units of Česka spořitelna and acting as board member in charge of the corporate business in the Czech Republic. Prior to my appointment as Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Česká spořitelna in 2007 I have also served as CEO of Salzburger Sparkasse, a member of the Erste Bank Group family."

  • Eva Petrič, BA, MFA professional headshot

    Eva Petrič, BA, MFA

    BA '05 Psychology/Art Minor

    "My undergraduate studies in psychology and art at Webster Vienna Private University enabled me to get a much more broad and thus solid basis for my art which i now dedicate my time to. I firmly believe that Webster's unique and hybrid progressive academic program allowing me to combine degrees in visual arts and psychology, is  "the secret" behind my "success" in my art today. I am certain that by not exclusively studying in an art-only environment but instead having been allowed to combine different degrees of study gave me greater creativity, confidence and a strong emphasis on the importance of having also a concept behind my work, which is very important for artists nowadays. Further, Webster, due to its small class size enabled me to really have very intense one-on-one professor-student class experiences, allowing me to get the most out of my classes, professors and classmates. Studying in such a concentrated and intense environment provided me with a solid base also in human relations, which is another very important part of an artist’s life today. If I had to choose a place for my undergraduate degrees again, I would make the same one.”

  • Golnoosh Shahabi, MBA professional headshot

    Golnoosh Shahabi, MBA

    Compensation and Benefits Manager
    HR/Competency & Performance Management
    Erste Group Bank AG
    MBA '05

    "Webster University’s programs and its students/alumni have good reputations in international organizations and companies located in Austria. The fact that every Webster student experiences team work in an international environment in the classroom setting is very attractive for the employers. The University offers a variety of very interesting courses and majors. Additionally, the opportunity to pursue more than one major is advantageous because it increases the opportunity to find jobs in today’s competitive job market."

  • Karim Taga professional headshot

    Karim Taga, MBA

    Managing Director
    Arthur D. Little Austria
    MBA '93

    With a PhD in Chemistry and an executive position, I wanted to broaden my education and decided to complete an MBA at Webster University. Knowledge of financial planning, corporate finance, business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, creating value for shareholders, all represented a piece I was missing in my technical and scientific educational background.

    Webster University was the most global environment in a very local setting. The MBA prepared me for business life in two ways: Firstly, thanks to the quality content of the program and the close connection of the assignments with the world of real-life business. As a consultant, you need a broad outlook to support your clients and to develop a good working relationship. The Webster MBA taught me how to work in team efficiently and to prepare for presentations. The second aspect is the network I created. I studied in classes with students from all around the world, a fact that to date, I appreciate a lot. Even after completing studies, one can expect to meet many of these people in a business environment, exchange views and market intelligence. At the same time, due to my family obligations (father of 1 daughter at that time), I wanted to stay in Vienna and at the same time be connected to something international. Webster University offered me the chance to complete the MBA program part-time in the evenings and on weekends.

  • Barbara Trionfi professional headshot

    Barbara Trionfi, MA

    Press Freedom Adviser, Asia Coordinator
    International Press Institute
    MA '05 International Relations

    "The Master of Arts program at Webster has changed my life for the best: Thanks to my Masters in International Relations degree and the internship opportunity offered by Webster, I can now work in the field that I find most interesting and in which I believe in."

  • Matt Turner professional headshot

    Matt Turner, MBA

    President CEO
    Amherst Fund LLC
    MBA '03

    "I choose Webster because of its global reach and access to education in many different campuses in countries around the world. Through Webster I studied at campuses in Vienna, Geneva, Shanghai, Cha-Am (Thailand), and Leiden (The Netherlands) as well as some online courses. Webster gave me the basic fundamentals through its MBA and MA Finance curriculum to practice confidently in the Venture Capital and Private Equity Finance field."