Academic Policies

To ensure Webster Vienna’s students, staff and faculty uphold the greatest level of integrity, we have developed an academic policy handbook. If any uncertain situations shall arise, please consult with the booklet below to define the appropriate form of action. The academic policy booklet highlights the following topics:

Academic Policy Booklet

  1. Table of contents
  2. Honor Code
  3. Honor Code Principles and Procedures
  4. Plagiarism Policy Statement
  5. Statement of Ethics Regarding Behavior
  6. Disturbances
  7. Attendance
  8. Student Assignments Retained
  9. Make-up Exam Policy (Click here for Make-up Exam Request Form)
  10. Contact Hours
  11. Letter Grading System
  12. Academic Expectations/Probation
  13. Full-time Academic Load/Student Status
  14. Official Email Communication
  15. Tuition Payment

If you have further questions regarding Webster’s academic policies, please contact the Academic Coordinators’ Office at


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