Academic Honesty Policy

Webster Vienna Private University is committed to maintaining academic integrity through education, prevention, and ethical integrity. Classroom assignments are opportunities for students to find, learn, and reflect on knowledge and to present their own ideas and interpretation of that knowledge. It is the responsibility of the student to live up to academic standards, but there is a great deal that faculty can do to prevent plagiarism, including informing students of their responsibilities, creating assignments that make plagiarism an ineffective solution, and using instances of plagiarism as learning opportunities for students.

In order to help us address the problem of cheating, we have introduced an Honor Code initiated by the Student Council with the support of the Academic Team and the Faculty Development Committee. The following excerpt from the Honor Code is a pledge by students and faculty alike to uphold the University’s core values of personal integrity and respect for the individual.

Student Responsibilities:

  • To refrain from engaging in any form of cheating.
  • To refrain from assisting any other student in any form of cheating.
  • To assist others in adhering to the Honor Code by confronting students engaged in cheating to convince them to desist, or, if that fails, to report the cheating incident to the instructor, Department Head, Head of Academic Integrity Committee, or Student Government Association.
  • To refrain from violating campus policies including the abuse of prescription or illegal drugs, illegal gambling and wagering and the possession of mock or real weapons.
  • To behave and communicate ethically both in person and in the digital world.
  • To become thoroughly familiar with all WUV academic policies affecting performance inside and outside of the classroom.

​​Faculty Responsibilities:

  • To ensure the integrity of exams through careful proctoring in accordance with the proctoring guidelines provided by the academic department.
  • To ensure the integrity of written work by having students submit all such work to the plagiarism service.
  • To enforce the Webster Vienna Cheating Policy by reporting all cheating incidents to the Head of Academic Integrity Committee and imposing the prescribed penalty.
  • To grade all student work objectively.
  • To calculate students’ final course grades objectively in accordance with the grade weights set out in the course syllabus.
  • To become thoroughly familiar with all WUV academic policies affecting performance inside and outside of the classroom.

By signing the Webster Vienna Honor Code Form when they enter Webster, students pledge to adhere to the University policy on cheating, and faculty members pledge to effectively monitor student compliance with that policy and to enforce it. Accordingly, we are asking each student and each faculty member to sign the Honor Code. New Faculty will receive the Honor Code document to sign from the Academic Coordinators Office. You can also view the full text of on the Honor Code in the Appendix and on the Faculty Resources Webpage (login details to this webpage are indicated above in the Getting Started section).

Our exam booklets also contain the phrase “I will adhere to the Honor Code.” Make sure that students sign this pledge. If you do not use exam booklets for quizzes or exams, please either add the statement at the top of the first page of the quiz or exam sheet (in case you provide space for students to answer the questions directly on your exam sheet or sheets), or stamp the statement at the top of the first page of the blank paper you give students to write their answers on (you may borrow the Honor Code stamp from the Operations Officer). It is really important that you follow this Webster policy! You are held responsible for being vigilant during the exams to make cheating impossible.