Media Communications Research News

Dr. Bradley Wiggins, head of the Department of Media Communications, has been invited to give a keynote talk at a Spotlight Seminar hosted by Webster University Geneva. The title of the seminar is Can Social Media Change the World? Dr. Wiggins  discusses some of factors that question the ability of social media to enact real-world change through activism and protest. Drawing on his research on internet memes and a discussion of the ways in which social media can be used for activist purposes including among far-right groups, he argues that memes and related viral content are extensions of ideological practice; this means that they may help to reconfirm bias and may serve to intensify personalized politics displacing, in certain cases,  real-world action for online engagement.

The Media Communications Department in Geneva holds the Spotlight Seminars in order to address contemporary issues in the media, communications, and photography. This special event scheduled for Thursday Dec 13, 2018 will also celebrate Webster Geneva’s 40th Anniversary and commemorate International Human Rights Day.