Media Communications Research News

Recently Dr. Bradley E. Wiggins, associate professor and head of the Department of Media Communications, was contacted by a researcher at the University of Sydney in Australia. The purpose of the contact was an invitation to have Dr. Wiggins serve as an external examiner of a PhD dissertation. The title of the dissertation is Intertextual Fragments and the Post-Meme Subject. Dr. Wiggins will examine the dissertation and provide a written review to colleagues at the University of Sydney.

Dr. Wiggins has published extensively on the subject of internet memes, beginning with the 2014 article in New Media & Society that advanced a central argument to view memes as a new genre of online communication. Using structuration theory as developed by Anthony Giddens, the article proposed that memes as genre are similar to a continued conversation between and among members of participatory digital culture. System and structure coalesce as structuration: a process by which a system is maintained through the use or application of structures. Dr. Wiggins has published further research on the subject such as the 2016 International Journal of Communication article that examined the memes produced during the 2014 Crimean crisis, and a 2017 article in the International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics which centered on the memes that emerged from the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Most recently, Dr. Wiggins has written a monograph on contract with Routledge expected to be published in March 2019.