Dr. Franco Algieri in Die Presse: Eine europäische Armee – mehr als Zukunftsmusik?

In his article „Eine europäische Armee – mehr als Zukunftsmusik?“, in the Austrian newspaper Die Presse (Saturday 24 November 2018), Franco Algieri analyzes the recent calls for a true European army by French president Emmanuel Macron and German chancellor Angela Merkel.

He explains that this topic is not a new one and has been returning in the European integration debate since the 1950s. The current proposal for such an army remains rather vague concerning the implementation.

It should neither be understood as challenging the role of NATO nor is it threating the sovereignty of European states. Algieri points out that these demands for a European army could be rather damaging for the credibility of the EU because expectations might be created which will not or cannot be fulfilled by European states.

Read the news article here in German.